CCs Getting Groceries: A Collection Of Old Cars At The Big Box Store

Meijer is a chain of big-box stores in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It’s like Walmart, only slightly nicer in every regard. Also like Walmart, pretty much everyone shops here, at least once in a while — and they roll up in whatever it is they happen to be driving that day. You find all sorts of old cars getting groceries here, like this 1991 Volvo 240 wagon.

My all-time favorite Meijer find is this 1979 Continental Mark V Cartier Edition. It looks well cared for.

I towered over this car. When this car was new, I wouldn’t have noticed that, because most cars were low like this. But not many gave this feeling of extreme length.

Another major winner is this 1985-87 Ford LTD Crown Victoria two-door. It’s a little dirty, but it’s all there, down to the wire wheel covers.

I’ve come upon many OG Panthers in my time writing for CC, but never a two-door. Someone must love this one for it to look this fresh.

I see plenty of old BMWs at the Meijer near where I live now, mostly 1990s-era 3-series sedans. Yawn. But this 1985-92 325i convertible made me haul my phone out of my pocket for a snap.

I loved the look of the 1986-1992 Lincoln Mark VII when it was new, but to me its chonkiness has not aged well. The Mark V above says “sporty elegance” while this Mark VII says “Weight Watchers.”

Old Ford trucks are a common sight here in Indiana. I see far more old Fords than old Chevys. This 1987-91 F150 is typical of what I see — in reasonable condition, not pampered, still doing what it was bought to do originally.

This 1990-92 Cadillac Brougham is in the parking lot nearly every time I go to my nearby Meijer, so it must be owned by an employee. It’s usually in a handicapped space up front.

I was astonished to come upon this clean 1992 Mercury Tracer wagon. I know it’s a ’92 because that was the first year for the lightbar grille and the last year for motorized seat belts.

Even though the Mark V up above is my favorite of all of these cars, this Mercury is the one I’d want to own. These were terrific cars for their time, sturdy and strong. I think the reason few of them survive is because they rusted.

Here’s another Ford F150, from 1992-97, just doing its trucky thing. I’d love to own a basic truck like this.

Where have all the Ford Contours gone? I was happy to come upon this 1995-97 example.

This 1996-98 Ford Mustang reminded me of the similar-vintage non-ragtop 5.0 Mustang my oldest had as her first car. She was a careful driver who generally stayed within 5 MPH of the speed limit — but she got more tickets in that car than in all of the cars she’s owned since, combined. Many of them were for minor things like 7 MPH over and not coming to an utterly complete stop.

Coupes were out even when Saturn made this one (1997-2000), but at least it has an attractive roofline.

This green 1998-2005 Chevy Blazer wraps up this collection. These are still common as pennies around here, but as we know, when a common car gets to a certain age they start disappearing. Best to document these now while we still have them.