The Changing Shape (and Size) of Cars: Subaru 360 and Ascent – Yes, They’re To Scale

Chris Cieslak keeps them coming, so I’ll keep posting them. This one was a bit of a shocker, as it’s easy to forget just how big Subarus have gotten and how small they started out. It’s a bit hard to imagine, but I managed to fit in one a few years back and drove it too.

Maybe this helps put the 360 further into scale. It’s tiny. And low too, at 54.3″. Length is 117.7″.

I did manage to get situated, but my knees were mighty close to the dash and steering wheel. As to the back seat, I didn’t even try.

As to the Ascent, it’s 196.8″ long and 71.6″ tall. I’m guessing I’d fit a bit better in it.