Childhood CC: Me And My Dad’s 1965 Rover 2000 P6 – Anyone Else Got Childhood Pictures To Share?

Rover 2000 TC 1965

Needless to say, childhood memories of our family cars are a big part of what we do here at CC, and there’s nothing quite like a picture to capture the feelings. John Honniball posted a couple of pictures of himself at the Cohort with the following bit of text:

My father’s 1965 Rover 2000, photographed in about 1969 outside our house in Colchester, Essex. That’s me in the yellow jumper, which was knitted by my mum. The car’s colour was called “Willow Green” but looked more like a shade of pale yellow. Photo taken by my dad with his Leica IIIb on Kodachrome slide film.

If anyone else has pictures of themselves with their childhood CCs, send them to me via the Contact form or post the at the Cohort. We’ll start a new series. And of course, don’t be shy with the write-ups either.