Citroen Ami 6: Time For All You Hipsters To Trade In Your Falcons

OK, all you Falcon-driving hipsters in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland: time to step up your game, because the Falcon is getting a bit old and predictable, like your pork pie hat. I guarantee you, if you show up in a Citroen Ami 6, the real world will bow down in front of your impeccable irony. Because as of today, I have declared the Ami 6 as the hippest car, period. Now the trick is to find one…

Like the Falcon, the Ami 6 is eminently practical, seeing that it’s just a 2CV in a new suit. Maybe a bit slower than the Falcon, with its 22hp 602cc boxer twin, but that only adds to the appeal. In an age when Camry V6s are faster than Ferraris of just a couple of decades ago, a slow car is as cool as slow food.

But if you’re shopping for an Ami 6, make sure it’s not the upscale “Club” model, (right), with the quad headlights. Not nearly as cool as the google-eyed original (left).

Look what washed up on the shore; it looks like the waves have worked on it a bit.

In an age of ridiculously wide tires, the bicycle-sized ones on the Ami are the perfect counterpoint. Sliding windows: who else has those?

And you’ll really impress your friends when you take them on a winding (or just windy) road.


Time to get on the program…repeat after me: must have an Ami 6.