CL Find: 1984 Mitsubishi Tredia Turbo – “$600 CLASSIC AND RARE CAR!!!”

Mitsubishi Tredia turbo side

I’m not sure about the “classic” part, but it’s certainly rare. These Tredias and Cordias, the first Mitsubishis sold in the US under their own brand, have become might scarce. I asked “Last Cordia Still On The Streets?” in my CC on the coupe version. Of course it wasn’t really, but here we have a Tredia Turbo sedan, no less.

Mitsubishi Tredia turbo r

Mitsubishi set up a limited dealer network in 1982, increasingly frustrated with its relationship with Chrysler, which was of course moving into small cars very aggressively with its own Omnirizon and K-cars. Initially, Mitsus were only available on the West Coast and certain East Coast metro areas.

Mitsubishi Tredia turbo dash

The Tredia and Cordia coupe were the only product, initially. They were typically 80s Japanese fare, well built, and none too cheap, during the era of Voluntary Import Restraints.

Mitsubishi Tredia turbo eng

The 1982 and 1983 Tredias/Cordias came with a 82 hp 1.8 L four, and the 1984s with an 88hp 2.0 four. But in 1984, the  turbo came along, which had a 116hp form its 1.8 four. Hot stuff, for the times. And it can be yours, for $600 OBO. You know you want it.

craigslist (LA)      Hat tip to theProfessor