Classic Classic Capsule: NOT Getting Passed On The Right, By A White



I was on my way home from work late last week, when I came upon a very, VERY uncommon sight: A prewar–extremely prewar–car on John Deere Road. Now, I am not one of those people who thinks every car built before say, 1930, is a Model T. This most certainly wasn’t, but it looked expensive. A Buick? A Locomobile? Nope, it’s a White.

5-15-2013 002 (1024x656)

As in, White trucks, which lasted all the way to 1981, when the ailing company was puchased by Volvo AB. But the Cleveland-based company got its start in motor vehicles like this one. The very first White automobile was a response to a less-than-stellar steam-powered Locomobile that Thomas A. White had purchased. His son, Rollin decided to build a better version, and by 1900 fifty cars had been produced.


By 1911 or so, gas-powered Whites took precedence, and that is what I believe today’s White is. A Model GF Touring Car, to be precise, from approximately 1912. These were powered by an L-head inline six, producing sixty horsepower.

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It was a very nice, warm day, and the gentleman behind the wheel appeared to be really enjoying his ride. It is not often that you see a one hundred year old car in traffic. You made my day, sir!

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