Cars For the Proletariat: Soviet Car Building In The 1930s


The best thing about the world wide web is the opportunity to share one’s interests with others and to help bring disparate bits of information from one field of interest to the attention of those people in other fields who might not otherwise see it. Would that I could lay claim to the work I recently stumbled across at “The Charnel House” but alas I cannot. So, instead I present it to you in all its glory, a photo expose on Soviet Automobiles in the 1930s.

Despite the constraints of a worldwide economic collapse, The 1930s was a time of great change and amazing innovation in many industries. The auto industry made huge leaps in aerodynamics and mechanical design in both America and Europe during the decade as evidenced by such iconic cars as the Chrysler Airflow, the front wheel drive Cord and those famous Auto Union Silver Arrow racers among others. These things are known to all of us who love cars, but what remains as yet undiscovered by the vast majority of us in the Western world are the innovations were taking place in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Now they can been seen, conveniently collected for your enjoyment and edification.

Check it out, It’s worth the click –

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