Automotive Bad Taste History: The Milan And Other Deadly-Glamorous Seville Conversions

Cadillac Seville Milan by whatnext2010

(first posted 1/13/2014)     When I ran across this shot of a genuine curbside Seville Milan posted at the Cohort by whatnext2010, it reminded of some shots of other Seville conversions from the web I had in my files. The gen1 Seville is a bit of a controversial subject around these parts, and although its styling is not exactly my cup of tea, I have always said that it is a fairly handsome car. In its unaltered state, that is. Unfortunately, it inspired a host of bizarre and tasteless conversions.

seville grandeur opera coupe.jpg (courtesy flickr)

Like this Seville Grandeur Opera Coupe (the name alone says it all). But no opera window?

seville grandeur opera coupe fq

I’m still trying to decide which angle flatters this car best. The view of the undercariage?


Seville Bill Mitchell crop-horz

If you’re looking something for a bit more parking lot friendly, let me show you the brilliant Seville Milan Roadster. Who needs a Mercedes SL when there’s a genuine home-grown alternative available? I’m sure Bill Mitchell approved. On second thought, maybe he really would have, despite its stubbiness. The Allante, by Cadillac. No need to fly the bodies in from Italy.

sevilleconversiongrandeurformalsedan.jpg (courtesy

If opera is not your thing, you might want to stick to the more traditional Grandeur Formal Sedan. It doesn’t get much grandeur than that, eh?

sevilleconversiontomasocoupe.jpg (courtesy

There’s also this shorty coupe, the Seville Tomaso Coupe. BTW, hacking off the rear passenger compartment had the effect of doubling the price of the Tomaso over a plebeian Seville. But at what price prestige?

sevilleconversionsanremoconvertible.jpg (courtesy

There was actually one tasteful custom Seville, the San Remo. It didn’t try so hard to improve on the Seville, but just turned it into a convertible, and one that suits the Seville’s lines very well. Too bad the factory didn’t try this.

Seville san-remo-best_web_original

That’s more like it…it boggles the mind to think that folks would even consider one of those chopped or stretched Sevilles, when this was available. What’s the old line about taste?