COAL Capsule #10: 1985 Mazda 626–Where Can I Find Another?

Mazda 62 1985 coal

This isn’t my actual car, but is the same year and color. Mine is the only car I don’t have pictures of, and you’re not missing much– it had a missing grille, a slightly damaged hood and enough rust to give you tetanus just by looking at pictures of it. Still, it was probably the most fun-to-drive car I’ve ever owned.

It was Car Of The Year for 1983, and contemporary magazines claimed that it handled even better than the Prelude. My PO had removed all the emissions crap (including the cat) and installed a Weber 32/36 carb. It probably made much more than the 83 hp it did when it left the factory; at least it certainly felt like it did.

It didn’t roll at all in turns, had nicely weighted steering and made a very nice growl through that Weber carb. It felt very solid for such a rust bucket, and even the A/C still worked! It ran like a top, the only problem being that I had to double-clutch into second. After a while the gearbox went out entirely, and off to the junkyard it went. If I find another, preferably a GT Turbo sedan, I’ll be all over it.