XJ Day Outtake: Jeep Wagoneer Limited — The Woody Cherokee Just Won’t Ignite

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The XJ spawned a diverse family, but some members caught on better than others. The Wagoneer Limited was a better trimmed, Di-Noc-ed XJ that sported stacked headlights (Update: stacked headlights started in 1986; in ’84 and ’85, it used a variation of the Cherokee grille) to distinguish it from the lesser (but much more popular) Cherokee. Whether AMC had planned on replacing the heavy and thirsty Grand Wagoneer with the XJ Wagoneer is speculative; it certainly seems likely, given the explosive gas prices at the time it was being developed, but obviously, things didn’t work out that way.

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The Grand Wagoneer got a new lease on life due to sinking oil prices, and it ended up outlasting the XJ Wagoneer by one year. The XJ Wagoneer just never really caught on, and 1990 was its last year. But that wasn’t the end of the D-Noc.

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From 1991 through 1993, the Cherokee Briarwood kept the woody-Jeep theme alive a few more years. “Briarwood”: Who the hell came up with that? Ironic, naming a plastic-wood-clad car Briarwood? Gotta’ love those Naming Department Whiz Kids. How about “Liarwood”?

Update: there was also a base version of the Wagoneer without wood trim, but it was a wallflower in the sales stats.

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