COAL Capsule #14: 1996 Infiniti G20 5-Speed–The Circle Is Completed

Infiniti G20 rq coaL

And after what seems like forever, we reach my current car. There’s a saying about things in life coming full circle. After owning 12 cars in between, I find myself back with my first car once more–and it never felt better. The excellent handling. The awesome engine that begs to have the snot beaten out of it. The solid construction. It’s all coming back to me now.

The car that I obsessed over while still in high school is back in my driveway once more, sitting in the exact spot where my first one sat. Hopefully, she’ll treat me a lot better (she has so far, knock on wood…). When the time comes, I plan on doing an SR20DET swap and building the car I always wanted when I was younger. It’s the first car that I’ve owned since returning to Long Island in July (I had the Quattro towed shortly after returning–the four years it spent sitting in my driveway were anything but kind to it, and I really needed the money at the time), and I hope to drive it until the wheels fall off.