Moving Target: A ’65 Ford? In This Weather?

12-29-2012 002

For some reason, despite being smack-dab in the Midwest the Quad Cities are rife with Curbside Classics. I see stuff all the time, and now that I am a camera-carrying driver, I notice even more. It makes me wonder what I missed in the past! But I was still surprised to see this ’65 Galaxie 500 one frigid afternoon a few weeks ago.

12-29-2012 002

Judging from the backlight, this one doesn’t have the rear window defogger. Or perhaps the owner just got underway and is waiting for it to warm up?

I caught up with it at the light; fortunately, it was in the turn lane, letting us see its chiseled flanks. Yes, it is even a hardtop coupe! Wags may call it the box the ’63 Pontiac came in, but I think ’65 full-size Fords are cool.

12-29-2012 003