Cohort Camper: BMC J4 Van – Let’s Go Camping, But Don’t Forget The Ear Plugs

Our man in Kiwi-land, Bryce, has found another gem on the streets: a BMC J4 pop-up camper van. Looking all the world like a down-scaled 1960 Ford Econoline, the Morris J4 actually arrived that same year. And like the original E-line, it to was eventually replaced by the Sherpa, which also put the motor out front, although in a rather hideous way. Nothing hideous about this cutie, which even sports some nice Minilite type wheels.

How’s this for a nice vintage pairing? Bryce’s Hillman Minx pulled in behind the J4. What a cute face; love these old Brit vans.

The J4 was initially marketed both in Austin and Morris guise, but eventually became just the BMC J4. It was powered by the 1622cc B-Series four, as found in everything from the MGA to…this. And the 1500cc diesel version was also available. The J4’s cab had a rep for being particularly noisy; not too surprising.

In my hitchiking trip to California in 1972, I ran into a guy with a similar Bedford CA camper. I coveted it with all my heart. The interior was so cleverly laid out, yet it was so compact on the outside. Never mind how cute it was. The pug-mobile.

This J4 appears to be well-loved, and the beneficiary of some diligent upkeep; perhaps even a bit of remodeling.