Cohort Capsule: 1983 Hurst/Olds 15th Anniversary Edition

Olds 1983 Cutlass Hurst fq

CC Cohort William Rubano found and posted a car that is not exactly a common sights on the streets. This 1983 version of the Hurst/Olds was the 15th Anniversary of the first Olds/Hurst, a specially modified Cutlass/442 coupe that had a modified 455 Rocket V8, of which only 515 were built. Compared to the 1968, this 1983 version had a much smaller engine but was a bigger seller, with 3001 units sold, despite a hefty markup.

Olds 1968 Hurst

Here’s the original, which managed to get around GM 400 cubic inch maximum for intermediate cars, because Olds implied that Hurst installed the bigger engine. In truth, they were built on the same line as all of the 442s. Its 390 hp 455 was teamed with a THM 400 automatic and of course a Hurst Dual-gate Shifter.

Olds 1983 Cutlass Hurst ff

Of course the big engines were a distant memory by 1983. A modified Olds 307 sits behind the front fascia of this car, rated at 180 net hp, and 245 lb.ft. of torque. It works through a THM 200-4R four-speed automatic with Hurst’s “Lightning Rod” shifter. 3.73 rear gears and dual exhausts made for decent performance during these difficult times. Car and Driver tested a similar-equipped 1985 Cutlass, and achieved a 9.1 second 0-60, and 16.6 second 1/4 mile t 83 mph. Top speed was 113 mph. Today even the cheapest economy cars would walk away from this H/O.

Olds 1983 Cutlass Hurst badge

Production was planned for 2500 units, but demand upped that to 3001. In 1984, 3500 units were sold. But that marked the end of a long collaboration.

Olds 1983 Cutlass Hurst rq

The rumble from its twin exhausts go a long way in making this an attractive collectible period piece.