Cohort Capsule: Volvo C202 “Laplander” – The Swedish Pinzgauer

Volvo C202 fq

(first posted 3/22/2014)     It only stands to reason that Sweden would have its own military 4×4 vehicle, and that Volvo would be the one to build it. S. Forrest found this in Ontario, and posted two pictures at the Cohort. It’s a vehicle I’ve never seen in the metal, and one rather easily forgotten. Here’s its story:

Volvo L3314 1963_A_Valp

In the early fifties, the Swedish Army gave Volvo a contract to develop a new military transporter, and by 1959 or so, the L3314 first started seeing action with the troops. Early versions were powered by the Volvo 1.6 L B16 engines; later ones with the 1.8 L B18. There were of course several versions with different body work for various assignments.

Volvo C304

The L3314 was replaced by the larger and more powerful six cylinder C303. And like the somewhat similar Austrian Steyr Pinzgauer, there was also a three axle version, the C304. Both the C303 and C304 were made available to civilian users.

Volvo C201 side

Since the C303 and C304 were very pricy, Volvo developed a lower-cost version of the L3314, strictly for civilian use. Put into production in 1977, the C202 used the 2.0L B20 engine. Apparently it had somewhat less robust axles than the military L3314, and no differential locker. Somewhat oddly, it was manufactured in Hungary, probably also part of the strategy to keep costs down.

A great find and addition to our archives.