Cohort Car Show Sighting: 1975 Oldsmobile Starfire – Who Would Have Guessed That In 1990?

Oldsmobile Starfire 1975

In 1990 or so, a 1975 Olds Starfire was just an old beater, chuffing along with its uneven-fire 105 hp Buick V6. Even by then, they weren’t exactly common; well, they never were really common, with only 31k built. The Starfire and the very similar Buick Skyhawk were badge-engineered Chevy Monza clones, their V6 engines being the biggest difference by far. The Monza bracketed them, with its Vega four and 262 inch mini-mouse V8, which made all of 110 hp. So here it is, the star of the car show today; and why not? It’s not like there’s any left on the streets, as I know all-too well.

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