Cohort Classic: 1946 Chevrolet Truck – Heartbeat Of WWII-Era America

Someone at the Cohort knows how to get my attention. runningonfumes posted this fine old veteran Chevy truck, in a great two-tone paint job to complement that superb grille. Now that’s a face to fall in love with. I don’t actually know the year of this one, as they were almost indistinguishable from 1941 through 1947.

I know some folks think that the Chevy six wasn’t exactly a paragon of durability. Compared to the Dodge flathead six, probably so, never  mind the International sixes. But folks snapped them up, year after year; decade after decade.

If this had a dump bed on it, I’d take it home in a heartbeat. Just the right size. As long as it’ll go 45 or 50 mph, that’s plenty fast for where I need to go with one. And the sound of an old Chevy six humming along is music to my ears. Or it was, before my ears got shot from too much music, or something.