Cohort Classic: 1948 Chrysler Windsor – Old Slushy

Seems like Chrysler is in the air here currently, so this 1948 Windsor posted at the Cohort by channaher seems like a good fit. Any Chrysler products from this vintage are venerable, due to their highly robust build and component quality. Although the new front end that was stuck on them in 1946, and endured with some changes until the all-new 1949s came along, are a bit odd: the front end looks like it’s from a whole different decade than the rest of the body, which is of course the reality. Or an old Dodge with a more modern Chrysler front end. Same difference. But venerable nevertheless.

From the twin exhausts sticking out the back end,

as well as what looks to be a modern steering column, this one has almost surely had its vital organs replaced. Well, that’s a bit less than ideal; the 250 inch flathead six was the king of the flathead sixes, if there ever was one, and was still being installed in Power Wagons well into the sixties. Perfect for tooling around in this old pile.

The big six was once mated with Chrysler’s famous Fluid Drive, a fluid coupling mated to a three-speed transmission. That allowed clutchless take-offs, but still meant clutching to shift between gears. A hybrid, of sorts.

Fluid Drive (fluid coupling) was also used with a semi-automatic transmission behind it, but that gets really complicated to explain when I’m being called to lunch. But the regular Fluid Drive meant that one could theoretically start in High (third) and not shift, if you want the acceleration of a GMC transit bus. Anyway, this one undoubtedly has a Torqueflite behind a V8. Where’s the fun in that?