Cohort Classic: 1968 Chrysler Town And Country – My Favorite Big Wagon

(first posted 10/22/2012)    There’s a big wagon-load of postings at the Cohort, and I’m going to make a serious effort this week to get to more of them. And it starts with this big bad boy, a ’68 Chrysler T&C, posted by bjcpdx. As the headline makes rather clear, the ’65 – ’68 Chrysler wagons are my favorite of the genre Wagonus Americanii Giganticus. If only my father had felt the same way.

When my Dad was shopping for a new wagon in 1965, he looked at the mid-size Plymouth Belvedere at the Chrysler-Plymouth dealer. I hopped into a big Chrysler wagon, and he had to practically drag me out. “No; I want you to get this instead (you cheap bastard)!” Maybe that’s why he left in a hurry and bought a Dodge Coronet instead, without me in tow.

And a few years later, some University friends of ours did buy a big Chrysler wagon, and I got to ride in it a few times. Talk about turning the knife.


Actually, I’m not a fan of Ni-Doc, so it would have to be a “steelie” version for me. And a dark color; maybe even black, to accentuate the classy and timeless design of this big long rectangle.And a ’65 or ’66, actually, which have the much nicer sides, as well as grilles. I’m getting picky again.

More like this; with a 440 big block, of course. Love that endlessly-long roof carrier too. What a beast.