Cohort Classic: 1993-1996 Eagle Summit – Not To Americans’ Taste

TheProfessor47 managed to catch a rare bird indeed, the Eagle branded version of the Mitsubishi RVR, known in the US as the Expo LRV, and as the Space Runner in Europe. It was also sold as the Dodge Colt Wagon. These were essentially shortened version of the gen2 seven-seater Mitsubishi Chariot/Space Wagon (aka Dodge/Plymouth Colt Vista). It all gets a bit complicated, and I will be doing a full CC on these cars before long. But like so many things Eagle, this one has fallen off the radar. Good catch.

These tall-boy wagons all have their origin in the seminal Nissan Prairie/Stanza Wagon. This genre enjoyed a huge and long boom, especially so during Japan’s go-go late eighties’ bubble economy. They were commonly sold there with four wheel drive, and other trim to make them a poseur-SUV.

In Europe, they were appreciated more for what they were: a roomier alternative to the typical hatchback, and the genre there has grown steadily ever since.

In the US, the seven-seater Space Wagon/Vista/ had a boomlet in the years before the Chrysler minivans took over, and then fell into decline, as Americans clearly referred the roomier alternative. The shorter LRV/Summit were never common here, lost in the CUV boom. An historical footnote.