Cohort Classic: Early Jeep Gladiator With Well-Wrapped Large Load

We’re way overdue on a proper Jeep Gladiator CC, but in the meantime let’s take in this rather compelling find from Davo at the Cohort. Its somewhat mysterious load certainly catches the eye, but my own quickly went to the Glad’s grille, which identifies it as an early, pre-1970 model.

I’m not enough of a Gladiator fanatic to be able to pin down the year on this one, but it’s more than likely to have been built after the infamous Tornado OHC six was supplanted by the AMC 327 (in 1965) or the Buick 350 (in 1968). Makes me wonder if there are any Tornado-equipped Glads or Wagoneers still on the road. Now that would be a find.  But then, just finding a Gladiator with the original-style grille is quite a catch.

I don’t know what to make of the tarp-wrapped, home-built “second floor” — perhaps it’s a work in progress…or?