Cohort Classic: NSU TT/TTS – A Legendary Giant-Killer


The NSU TT/TTS are the stuff of legends. With their high-winding OHC transverse mid-rear mounted fours (1100 and 1200 cc) in a 3/4 scale Corvair body, it made for performance that (in relative terms) even put the turbo-charged Monza Spyder to shame. These cars acquitted themselves very well on tracks of all types, never mind a twisting Alpine road. r0b0tr10t has a couple of them in his massive download at the Cohort, and I can’t resist sharing this one.

NSU _TTS_-_GP_Tourenwagen_1976-07-11

Here’s one strutting its stuff at a 1976 race at the Nürburgring, with its rear engine lid partly open to help keep the sizzling little air-cooled four cool.

The TT had either a 1100 or 1200 cc (after 1967) with 55 or 65 hp. The TTS was specifically designed for rally and sports-racing, and had smaller 998cc mill to compete in the 1 liter class. Output was either 70 or 85hp, depending on state of tune.


Needless to say, there’s an huge cult around these cars. That started almost from the beginning; when I was in Austria in 1969, these were infinitely cool. Still are. Always will be.