Cohort Classics: Old Slides

There’s a quality to old slides that’s just not quite the same as digital. Although digital processing can make new pictures look sort of like old slides, the really hard part is re-creating the subject. Like this brilliant shot by ggh06, one of a series of old slides that he shot between 1974 and 1999, and has posted to the CC Cohort. Is this guy feeling the weight of that sign on his shoulders? I’ve picked out a few more for your mid-day enjoyment.

Does this evoke 1973, or what?

And a few decades even earlier. This is a 1947 Ford coal dumper.

No wonder original Chevy IIs are so hard to come by anymore.

Here’s the photographer’s own comments:

Photo series of 35mm slide scans from images from New York, Pennsylvania and Southern California during the period 1974-1999, using a Nikkormat FT2 or Nikon FM, and mostly Ektachrome 64 film (a couple were Kodachromes). I wasn’t shooting vehicles specifically at the time; now wish I had done more.

Given the quality of your shots, I concur with your final words.