Cohort Driveway Outtakes: An AMC Lover Lives Here

AMC Lover 1

Somebody loves them some compact AMC-mobiles. Runningonfumes found this driveway full of Hornet-based cars, and quite a variety at that. A rare Concord-based AMX, what appears to be a very rare Spirit Kammback on the far left, a Gremlin, and an Eagle SX-4. But that’s not all, as the daily driver is parked curbside out front. What will it be?

AMC Lover 6

An Eagle Kammback (Series 50), a very rare car. I don’t know when I saw one last, but it’s obviously found a loving home here. If it isn’t obvious, this is an AWD version of the also quite rare Spirit Kammback. Both it and the relatively more common Spirit Liftback were an evolution of the infamous Gremlin.

AMC Lover 5

A closer look at the other Spirit shows it to be an Eagle Kammback too. Is this person trying to corner the market on these?

AMC lover 2

Here’s a closer look at the SX/4. I did a CC on one, and as is commonly the case, folks took it way too seriously.

AMC lover 3

Here’s the front of the AMX.

AMC lover 4

And the rear quarter. That odd “hair band” did not exactly endear it to me, and is a rather pathetic devolution of the clean original AMX, as well as the clean plain Sportback. Oh well. Ed Stembridge covered the decline of the AMX here.

The only thing missing is a genuine Hornet, or Concord. But those are too common and ordinary. This guy goes for the real AMC exotica.


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