Cohort Masterpiece: Cadillac Seville “City Slicker” – How Could I Possibly Not Love It?

Cadillac 1977 Seville Joseph dennis

Joseph Dennis’ photography posted at the Cohort has been irresistible, but this one takes the cake. What a terrific shot; it looks so well staged. And the Seville plays its role perfectly.

The gen1 Seville has been a controversial subject in these parts. I’ve become known as the world’s greatest Seville hater. How could I possibly hate on this? It’s a handsome design. I just happen to think its makers might have been a bit more ambitious, technically, as well as in certain aspects of its design. As a result, it failed to attract younger buyers (average age: 57) and import (Mercedes) buyers to any substantial extent, even though that was ostensibly its mission. But sitting here at the curb in Chicago’s The Loop, it looks…perfect.

Note to readers: Do any of you have any gen1 Seville magazine reviews/comparisons?

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