Cohort Mopar Sighting: 1975 Plymouth Fury Road Runner – Not Likely To Be A Clone or Tribute

Plymouth Road Runner 1975

Scanning the huge number of recent Cohort postings (do check them out) for Mopars soon turned up this very uncommon 1975 Road Runner, the last of the B-Body beep-beepers, and posted by MoparMatt. It was a package available on the newly-styled B-Bodies for 1975, now called Fury, and was a one-year wonder, as in 1976 the RR was based on the new Volare. The base engine was the two-barrel 318, but a four-barrel 360 with 220 hp as well as the 400 packing 230 hp were available. There was talk of a 440 version, but that’s all it was, as the 440 was reserved for police duty only on the Fury. Nevertheless, for 1975, the RR was a pretty brisk car; C/D got a 400 inch version to 60 in 8.1 seconds, and the quarter in the mid-16 second range. Now about that interior:

Plymouth 1975 sundance

What more can I add to that? Colorful! And don’t forget to specify the living grass carpet; Chrysler’s notoriety for leaks meant sure it would thrive with little additional watering.

Given how few of these ’75 Road Runners were made, maybe my headline is off-base. Is there a thriving little cottage industry in turning ’75 Fury coupes in to Road Runners?