Cohort Outtake: 1937 Ford Phaeton – Me Want

Ford 1937 conv fq

Fords from the E.T. Gregoire era – the mid-late thirties – are all golden, but the 1937 Ford is about as good as it gets. It’s a junior Lincoln Zephyr, with that distinctive prow and faired headlights paying tribute to the streamlined era that was raging at the time. Improbcat caught this one, in the Boston area, most likely. It’s been modified just a wee bit, and the electric fan added to the front of the flatty’s radiator suggest it’s been warmed up some.ย 

Ford 1937 conv int

The tach hiding under the dash enhance that likelihood. What’s a ’30s Ford without a bit of vintage hot-rodding? This is how these cars so typically ended up in the ’40s and early ’50s, before they were more radically altered. I’d love to take this one for a spin…to my house. Although all the way from Massachusetts might be quite the adventure.

Ford 1937 conv rq

I can just hear that distinctive flathead exhaust sound through those twin pipes; unmistakable. I’m guessing those long siamesed center exhaust ports which also caused the flathead’s tendency for overheating might be responsible. If so, they’re both the flathead’s Achilles heel as well as its greatest asset.