On The Go CC Outtake: Imagine There’s No Chevettes

CC 254 025 1200

Imagine a time when there are no more Chevettes tootling down the street. I’d rather not, as I know that day is coming, all too soon. In the meantime, I’ll give every Chevette still at it a hearty greeting: All hail the all-time classic shitbox!

CC 254 026 1200

When I first started shooting CCs in 2009, there were probably close to twenty of these still in town. I shot at least half a dozen of them, including a rather rare Scooter. Where have they all gone? This is the first one I’ve shot since April of 2014, and it’s a new one to me. Welcome to Eugene!

CC 254 028 1200

In a sea of Prii, the Chevette makes a refreshing contrast, and a reminder of a time when an economy car required certain sacrifices. That day is long over; even the cheapest car is a luxury car compared to a basic Chevette. There are no more shitboxes being made.

CC 254 029 1200

The Chevette was one of the most polarizing cars ever; folks either hated or loved them. Or more like it earned their grudging respect, if they got a good one. That wasn’t always the case, to put it lightly. This must have been one of the good ones.



CC 1980 Chevette Scooter – It Created A New Class Of Vehicle