Cohort Outtake: 1946 Fargo – It Doesn’t Dodge From Work

Fargo 1946 fq

It’s been too long since we had us a really nice old truck. Nifticus found this Fargo (Canadian Dodge) on the street in Vancouver, looking like it’s still being used. That’s how we like to see them.

Fargo 1946 ff

I’m guessing at the exact year, as my truck Encyclopedia doesn’t have Fargos, and the trim on their front ends is a bit different. But it’s probably close, although I’m not sure Fargo adopted the all-new Dodge look in 1948, or a year or two later, like it was the case sometimes.

Fargo 1946 side

We can be sure it had one of the venerable Chrysler flat head sixes under its hood, and likely still does. Very nice old truck. I needed that.