Cohort Outtake: 1952 Chevrolet Daily Driver

Chevrolet 1952 canadiancatgreen

There’s a barrage of new postings at the cohort, but how can I resist this one, by canadiancatgreen? A genuine Curbside Classic if there ever was one.

It’s an ancient Chevy sedan, with a roof rack and what appears to be a motorcycle carrier, out in the snow in wintry Edmonton. A comment was left by someone who saw the picture, saying it belonged to a neighbor and friend of his, and that the owner drives it around all year. Why not? These Chevies were tough, as was the Powerglide transmission behind the the “Stove Bolt Six”.

Except for the cars in the background, this tales me to Iowa in the early seventies. One could pick up well-cared for and garaged Chevies like this, often an old farmer’s car, for $50 back then, and they gave good service, despite being abused by the new owners. There was always something very comforting about riding around in a big, warm, old Chevy (or other big American car of that era) in the winter. They went about their second lives facilitating things their first owners never imagined. And they did it gracefully, reliably and cheaply. What more could a bunch of eighteen-year-olds with enough pocket change between them to buy an old Chevy want, in the middle of an Iowa winter?