Cohort Outtake: 1952 Moto Guzzi Ercole – The Italian Farmer’s F250

Moto Guzzi 1952 Ercole fq

We just featured the Piaggio Ape the other day, but this is vintage Italian three-wheeler posted at the Cohort by monteverde3 cannot be denied. Noe that’s what I really need to haul a load of compost for the garden. I could probbaly squeeze right through the garden gate with it.  I suspect that this trike-truck has a lot of experience with that sort of thing. Here’s a more detailed description:

This Moto Guzzi, a company more famous for its bikes, was featured at a few years back, so I’ll lift the description from there, as monteverdi3 didn’t offer one at the Cohort:

It’s powered by an almost horizontal 500 c.c. single cylinder thumper with a five speed plus reverse transmission shifted in a conventional “H” pattern, not sequentially, like most motorcycles. Ignition is by magneto, with a generator/battery arrangement for horn and lights. Ercole is Italian for Hercules and the nearly one ton load capacity (830 kg/1826 lbs.) might to live up to the name. The body dumps, hydraulically.

The accessory cab, made by a company called Ariasi, comes complete with full doors and a roll back fabric top insert. Does this qualify it as carrozzeria coachbuilt ?

It’s just shy of being street legal with some minor wiring glitches to work out. Will plans to use it for occasional errands to town when weather permits.

I did a post on a 1951 Moto Guzzi 500cc Falcone, so I’m going to bet that the engine and transmission are the same. CC 216 026 1200So it probably looks like this, more or less. A shame to cover up such a piece of visual art, but here it is exposed.
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