CC Outtake: 1954 Cadillac Series 60 Special – The Joys of Long Term Ownership

Cadillac 1954 fq

Coming back from Best Buy, my mom and I passed the Container Store near the North & Clybourn CTA Red Line stop. I spotted this Cadillac (turned out to be a 1954) from the sidewalk, and immedately freaked out. Mom held my bags as I approached the car. The window was down, so I talked to the driver, thanking him for the opportunity to photography his sweet ride. I asked him what year the car was (I had thought it was a 1957, for whatever reason), and he told me it was a ’54.

Cadillac 1954 rq

I also asked him how long he had owned it, and he said for 50 years. I did some quick math: if the gentleman was in his mid-20’s when he purchased this then-six-year old Cadillac, that would put him roughly around his mid-70’s today. Bingo.

I told him he had made my day, and he smiled.

Found at Noble Square, Chicago, Illinois.

W. North Ave. at Sheffield.


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