CC Outtake: Reverse Bloat


I should be completely honest with you: There are a couple of reasons why you don’t see much from me in the way of images. For one, I live in a country where if someone finds you taking pictures of a car they will really think you’re up to something. And, speaking from experience, “I’m taking it because I want to write about it for the internet” is NOT an acceptable reply. Second, my only camera is my phone, and it certainly is not the last word in image capture. It’s more what my fellow demographic will call a “Potatophone” Still, I thought this was worthy of sharing.

The AE92 Corolla coupe doesn’t get nearly as much admiration as its predecessor, mostly because this one is driving the front wheels. Nonetheless, it was still petite enough to be fun to drive and supremely reliable. It would be a couple of years until Toyota decided “good enough” would do, and started penny-pinching their vehicles.

The Camaro, on the other hand, does drive the correct wheels to engage in a couple of drift fights, although that would be an incredible waste of an unmolested example of one of the most beautiful muscle cars of the ‘70s. We’re forever being told that cars just got more and more bloated as time passed, so it was nice to see a pair of two-door coupes that have it backward. Which one would you take home?