Cohort Outtake: 1954 Henry J – The Badges On The Front Fender Tell Its Story

Kaiser Henry J 1954 Chevy S10 chassis   robadr

robadr1 caught this Henry J, Kaiser’s ill-fated compact, on the streets, in British Columbia (I think). He didn’t properly take in all those badges on its front fender, which explains what’s underneath. Not quite stock, in case that wasn’t already obvious.

Kaiser Henry J 1954 Chevy S10 chassis snip   robadr

“Chevrolet”, “4.3”, “V6”, and “S10”; those are all you need to know that this Henry J sits on a Chevy S10 chassis. The purists might object, but if you’re going to drive a Henry J fairly regularly, some updating of its rather modest underpinnings doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. And it certainly does stand out in this sea of modern cars.

The Ford Maverick always reminded me of the Henry J; both have rather goofy fastbacks, and a bit of a simpleton vibe. Of course, the Maverick spun gold for Ford, while the Henry J was a coffin nail in Kaiser’s sad demise.

Tom Klockau’s CC on the Henry J is here