Cohort Outtake: 1963 Falcon Ranchero V8 – Hauling Piston Rings Since 1963

Ford Falcon 1963 Ranchero V8 fq

One again, the Cohort is chock full of fab finds, but we haven’t had us a Falcon Ranchero in way too long. And this one is a beaut; posted by Matthew Gagnon. Doesn’t it make a nice contrast to that big Ford in the background? Even with the 260 V8 under the hood, this Ranchero is not going to be hauling serious loads.

Ford Falcon 1963 Ranchero V8

Matthew left a comment saying that Piston Ring Auto Parts is a Canadian parts distributor. And of course, I don’t know whether this Ranchero really was in their delivery fleet or not, but it looks the part, for a company that was started in 1953.

Ford Falcon 1963 Ranchero v8 rq

Sweet little rig.