Cohort Outtake: 1964 Jensen CV8 MkII – Nice Specs…

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…not really.  This uncommon black coupe, another rare find by r0b0tr10t, doesn’t enjoy quite the reputation one might expect of a Jensen, owing to what are widely perceived to be bizarre looks.  In fact, some sources cite values as having dropped since reaching a high point about twenty years ago.  We’ll let you guys judge, but with its dark fiberglass and aluminum bodywork in such splendid condition, one could be forgiven if they spent the going rate of $25-$30,000 to own this car today.

Jensen 541

In production from 1962 until 1966, the CV8 was a refinement of the 1955 Jensen 541 and sat on the same 105 inch wheelbase. Presumably named for its new engine, the CV8 traded Austin straight-six engines for Chrysler Golden Commando V8 power (that’s the “Wedgehead” B-block) in 361 and later, 383 cubic inches displacements.  That made the car, aerodynamic for the era, a genuine 130 mile-per-hour proposition.

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Even better, with its combination of a Torqueflite transmission and adjustable rear dampers (Mk II and Mk III), it brought genuine comfort to the equation.  If anyone did find its looks bizarre, that sort of capability was ample compensation (provided they could afford the car).  Indeed, the new car was more popular than its predecessors, selling 500 units over four years (more than double what the earlier 541, 541 R and 541 S could manage).

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To complement its relaxed nature, the body was stretched into a more distinct three-box shape and the rear view is quite flattering.  As if to emphasize the point, this CV8’s owner has fitted the car with distinctive tailpipes whose sound must turn a lot of heads in its current German home.  After all, being noticed is half the fun.

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