CC Outtake: The Fastest Outtake Ever

Toyota Paseo colorful 1200

No, I don’t mean the Toyota Paseo (“Pauseo”?); based on the Tercel it was not exactly overly fast. I mean the creation of this Outtake, from the time it was photographed to it being put together. Stephanie saw and shot it on a walk with a friend, and was of course taken by its paint job, and sent me the pictures instantly. And since her judgement has been deemed impeccable based on the response to her last choice of car to shoot, I was putting it together by the time she walked in the door. How could I resist, actually?

Toyota Paseo colorful

Colorful paint jobs are hardly uncommon here, but this one is a bit more professional than average. Paseos haven’t exactly made a lot of appearances here at CC; in fact we’ve had just one post on it, by a former owner who loved his. That story is here.

Toyota Paseo colorful 2 1200

The Paseo is the kind of car that typically tends not to get noticed. Maybe that’s what inspired this paint job.