Cohort Outtake: 1966 Dodge Coronet Two Door Sedan – A Splendid CC Find

Dodge 1966 coronet 2 dr fq A

Attention all CC Cohorts: If you want to be almost guaranteed to have your finds end up on the CC home page, this is how to do it. I have a major thing for two-door sedans, which pretty much guarantees it’s from the mid-seventies or earlier (with a few exceptions).  And this is the kind of condition I prefer: original, with some honest sign of long use.

This ’66 Coronet two-door sedan posted by LeSabretooth Tiger hits all the buttons, even more so since I’m intimately familiar with them, having driven a ’66 Coronet taxi, although of course that was a four door. Two door sedans in this size class were getting pretty scarce by the mid 60s, and I haven’t seen one in way too long. 

Dodge 1966 coronet 2 dr rq

Who bought cars like this? We’ve had some very logical explanation about the benefits of two doors in the pre-seatbelt/kiddie seat ear, as a way to keep the spawn from spilling out an accidentally-opened rear door. But by this time, that was more likely to be a proper hardtop coupe than a low-end sedan.

The family resemblance to the full-size Polara is pretty evident, especially from this angle. Elwood Engel new rectilinear look first appeared fully on the big ’65s, and then on the mid-sizers in ’66, and then on the compacts in ’67. I bet that kick-up in the rear hips was hastily added when he saw where GM went in 1965.

Dodge 1966 coronet 2 dr ff

I can almost guarantee you this has the 225 slant six under the hood, like the taxi I drove (illicitly, before I opened the gas station where I worked in the morning).  No shot of the interior, but I’m guessing TorqueFlite behind it, although a three-on-the-tree is reasonably likely too.

Dodge 1966 coronet 2 dr rr

The Coronets were beloved as taxi cabs, both because they were so tough and because their interior room was practically full-sized, thanks to the legacy of their 1962 “full-size” progenitors. The seating was more upright, and as a result, no one ever felt compromised in the back seat. Just made to order for taxi use, and they dominated the market for years, eventually driving the Checkers out altogether.

Dodge 1966 coronet 2 dr fq

So who was the likely original owner of this? I’m guessing old folks. The kind that were done with kids, and had developed a taste for Chrysler products going way back, and for whom a thrifty Coronet six two-door sedan would do just fine. Of course, it could quite readily have been a neurologist like my father, who drove an even cheaper and more stripped ’68 Dart two-door sedan to Johns Hopkins every day for over ten years. Naw…this Coronet was too big, and had a gaudy chrome spear on its side. Way too flashy.

Now if someone could just find a ’68 Dart two-door, in baby-shit brown, I’d finally be able to write a long-missing chapter of my Auto-Biography.

Long live the stripper two door sedan!