Cohort Outtake: 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix – Big But Not Quite So Grand Anymore

Pontiac GP 1968 fpictures by Triborough

This makes the first appearance here of one of the final-year big GPs, before it was reconstituted in 1969 as a mid-plus sized coupe (CC here). That rather brilliant move by John DeLorean solved the GP’s decline into irrelevancy, and sales almost quadrupled. The GP was one of the pioneers of the big sporty-luxury coupe market, and as such, it was fitting to see it re-define the class a second time, especially so since this last (big) year GP was looking a bit lost.Pontiac GP 1968 fq

DeLorean had growing doubts about the relevancy of ever-bigger full-size American cars, and that obviously applied to the coupe version more than the sedans and wagons. He was of course right on the money, as the mid-sized personal coupes, typified by the Cutlass Supreme, would soon dominate the sales charts for two decades. Cars like this GP just weren’t inspiring either the stylists or the buying public.


The world had changed drastically and quickly in the mere five years since the superb ’63 GP first graced the streets. And the results weren’t exactly always pretty.

Pontiac GP 1968 r

Within a few short years, the GP lost any sense of stylistic leadership, and it appeared that the designers were just re-arranging details one more time for a new model year. Well, they obviously knew a fresh one was on the way by this time. It looks like their main efforts went into trying hard to make it look like the smaller A-Body LeMans.