Cohort Outtake: 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible – At The Beach

Chrysler 1969 Newport conv rr

Although the Cohort is chock-full of fantastic finds, how could I resist this Chrysler Newport convertible at the beach somewhere in California (San Diego?), posted by CJCars. It’s the perfect car to take to the beach; that is, if the weather is cooperating. And this time of year on the Pacific coast, it’s fog season, as we experienced yesterday ourselves, taking an old friend visiting from LA to the Oregon Coast, which was socked in with a low fog bank. I always tell folks not to come to the west coast in the summer, as spring, fall, and even winter is typically fog-free and much nicer.

Enough about the fog…

Chrysler 1969 Newport conv fq

We’ve looked at a lot of Chrysler fuselage cars here the past few years, and they inevitably bring out rather polarized feelings and comments. But I don’t think we’ve had a rag top yet, and this splendid blue Newport refuses to be dissed in any way, shape or fashion. It makes for a perfect big American convertible, lacking that rather microcephalic coupe roof. This car is really working for me, on every possible level. Just needs a bit of sunshine. I’d be hard-pressed to think of another big convertible from 1969 that does this better, except a 300, of course.

Chrysler 1969 Newport conv int

The upholstery pattern is a bit unusual, but then this is 1969, and everything had to have a bit of a new edge to it. Too much wind in the back seat? The fuselage is wide enough to seat four on the front bench, in a pinch.

Chrysler 1969 Newprot conv side

Its wearing “383 Magnum” badges, and the sound out of its twin pipes is undoubtedly a magnum opus (stretching the definition a wee bit). This yacht is a 19 foot dream boat!