Cohort Outtake: 1970 Ford Fairlane 500 2-Door Hardtop – Modest, But Not Timid

Ford 1970 Fairlane 500 coupe rr

(first posted 9/18/2015)    If it weren’t for the dent in the rear, this great shot by CC Cohort and Contributor Mike Hayes could be straight out of the 1970 Torino brochure. Well, except maybe for the dumpster. And yes, the brochure was called ‘Torino ’70’, but that included the Fairlane 500 too, which by this time was down to just two medium-low trim body styles; the 2-door hardtop coupe and a four door sedan.

Ford 1970 Fairlane 500 brochure

I had thought that about Mike’s shot before I went to oldcarbrochures to see the Torino brochure, and sure enough, the Fairlane 500 merits just one page, and it looks like it could be the same car, except for the different side trim. Modest, but not timid. If you say so. Especially not with the optional 429 Cobra jet Ram-Air V8. Nothing modest or timid about that.

Ford 1970 Fairlane 500 coupe fq

Mike’s shot of the front would be fine too, if not for the other cars and bike. I remember driving these at Towson Ford during my high school car jockey days; they were…very average. Forgettable. Dull. Not as wallowy as the big Fords, but none too well planted either. Of course the ones I drove were all plain-Jane versions destined for the nice old ladies or gents in Towson; who else was buying these in 1970? Not the young woman in the brochure shot. And sadly, there were no 429s on the lot anywhere.

The likely buyer demographic probably explains how this one survived so well; it was someone’s grandmother’s or great aunt’s car, and now it’s been treated to some styled steel wheels and dual exhausts. It’s never too late to live a little, even if you are just a modest (but not timid) Fairlane 500.

Ford Falcon 1970 Brochure-02-03

And why no post coupe version of the Fairlane? That’s because Ford did a rather odd thing in 1970, discontinuing the “real” Falcon at the end of the calendar year, and then replacing it with this 1970½ Falcon, a stripper Torino/Fairlane. That turned into a big dud almost instantly. CC covered this half-year only oddball here:  1970.5 Falcon: Mission Implausible