Cohort Outtake: 1972 Toronado – Like The One I Missed Last Night

Olds 1972 Toronado joseph dennis

Call it the CC Cohort Effect. We’ve never had a CC of a Toronado of this generation (1971 – 1978). Just last night, as we were leaving Portland after watching the game at my son’s house, I saw one of these pull into a gas station right as I was about to turn into the freeway on ramp. I hesitated a few seconds, and then it was too late. Oh well. But then here’s almost the exact same car, shot and posted at the Cohort by Joseph Dennis, in Chicago.

Oldsmobise XS 1977 rear

Only one shot, so it will have to serve as an appetizer, until someone finds one and gets a complete set of shots. Of course what really galls me is that there used to be an XS, with that wild wrap-around rear window sitting forlornly in the weeds on a rural property outside of town. When I started CC, I kept reminding myself to go shoot it. I procrastinated, and when I finally went, it was gone. I’m sure someone came by and made an offer on it. We can live in hope.