Cohort Outtake: 1972 Wolseley Six – Still Crabbing Along

splateagle shot this 1972 Wolseley six and its admirer in the town of Dalry. This is one of the famous/infamous BMC ADO 17 (“Landcrab”) family of cars, Issigonis’ bold initiative to bring the stuffy, old-school British saloon into the modern world of  mini-skirts, starting with the 1964 Austin 1800. Fwd, hydrolastic suspension, inertia brake proportioning, and an unusually stiff (and roomy) body structure made it one of the most advanced cars of its time, almost a British Citroen DS, which clearly inspired it. We can’t do the whole huge ADO 17 story on this busy summer morning, but let’s just say it had a few shortcomings.

The Wolseley six was the beneficiary of BMC Australian ops, which created the 2.2 liter OHC E-series engine, as first used in the ADO 17-derived Austin Tasman and Kimberly. These were groundbreaking cars too, being the first ever to have a transverse six. Great shot, and I’ll leave it to our experienced commentators to fill in the juicy details of these fascinating cars.