Cohort Outtake: 1975 (?) Chevrolet Nova – Wearing Non-Stock Dog Dishes. And What Happened To The C-Pillar Vent?

Chevrolet Nova 1975 blck

This stark, black stripper Nova posted by Ralf K caught my eye, particularly so since I don’t remember those dog dishes as being the ones that came with these cars as stock. And taking a closer look, it’s also missing the vent on the C-Pillar, which I assume was part of the interior ventilation and came with all of these ’75-’79 Nova. All the ones in the brochures have it. Hmmm.

Chevrolet Nova 1976 police car

Here’s a police car Nova, showing off its shiny and slightly pointed hub caps, as well as that rear vent.

Chevrolet Nova 1975 LN br-02 (1)

In my quickie tour of the various year Nova brochures, I just had to save this one for, 1975, as it’s such a period piece.

Ok; someone clue us in on the origin of the hubcaps the featured Nova is wearing, as well as the lack of that C-Pillar vent. Surely it’s not just ornamental?