Cohort Outtake: 1975 or 1976 Plymouth Sport Suburban – Can Anyone Tell Which Year It Is?

Plymouth 1975 sport suburban ffq

One of the advantages of writing about old cars is that, at least for domestic ones, it’s almost always possible to figure out the model year. Between, or some other sources, like Allpar for Chryselr brands, there’s almost inevitably a tell-tall. But this Plymouth Sport Suburban? Beats me. No wonder Actually Mike said “looks like a 1975 or a 1976 to me”. Yup.

Plymouth 1975 sport suburban rr

I thought for sure that there would be some minor differences in the front grille, given how easy it is to change the die for a plastic casting. But it appears to be the same. Allpar says: The Fury entered 1976 virtually unchanged. True that. The exception being on the Fury coupes, which had some changes on its vinyl/opera roof. That doesn’t do us much good with this wagon.

Plymouth 1975 sport suburban s

Why no changes? Maybe it was a lack of inspiration; this body had already been around since 1971, and it would still be through 1978. Ever since GM’s Colonnades came out in 1973, these mid-sized Mopars looked dated. And even the mid-sized Fords looked more contemporary. The fuselage style was all wrong for the heart of the Brougham Epoch. No wonder they couldn’t be bothered.