Cohort Outtake: 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera International Series – Most Likely To Succeed


Yellow on sedans doesn’t usually work; no one told Mazda such when they offered the new Mazda6 in yellow during the 2003 season.  That car’s image, for all its Zoom-Zoom marketing, couldn’t justify that loud shade of paint, but that didn’t stop someone from similarly altering this Cutlass Ciera International Series.  Indeed, they might have been inspired by Hiroshima’s failed bid for attention.


Although the door frames and other hardware got sprayed over, care was even taken to maintain all the badging and ground effects; even the power antenna bezel was spared.  Someone really wanted this International Series car to get noticed.  If so, mission accomplished.  As someone with a bizarre affinity for special editions of the front-drive A-body, I would’ve spotted its high trim anyway, but when it comes to other (normal) people, this probably goes a long way in getting attention.


If anyone wanted this car not to get any second glances, of course, it was Oldsmobile itself, who found that with a bunch of new Cutlass Supreme sedans on its hands, the Ciera needed to have its leather buckets, console, and trip computer taken away.  Canning the model for 1991 was a tacit admission that their expensively-developed new car was less compelling than this hoary model.  In fact, despite that year’s addition of a 3.4 quad-cam V6 to the newer car, sales kept declining and by 1994, International Series special edition Oldsmobiles were gone from showrooms entirely.  With 1300 Cutlass Cieras so equipped in 1991 and 6000 in 1990, there might not be a ton of these final special-edition A-bodies left nearly twenty-five years later.  It’s nice to see that someone appreciates it in some capacity.

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