Cohort Outtake: A Cadillac Lover Lives Here – And An Important Message To All Curbside Classic Car Owners

Cadillac Seville Cohort

What a great shot, posted at the Cohort by So Cal Metro. And what good timing too, since while sitting in the bath tub last night I was just thinking about an important message I want to convey to all the owners of Curbside Classic cars, especially controversial or oft-derided cars, like this “Deadly Sin” gen2 Seville.

The message is: we love your car; in fact we love every old car out there on the streets (well, with the possible exception of Z-28 and GTO clones and such). Why all the emo?

I read every comment left at CC, and I regularly come across ones like this, usually left some time after the post has originally run, and the commenter has found it via a google search or thus. Like this one, left last night at the VW Passat W8 CC:

haha look at all you haters… I read this, I heard that… Have any of you actually owned one? I own an 03′ black Passat W8 4Motion, 6 spd with 100k+ miles and despite the minor TLC required, I have never ran into a single, major, problem.

It’s representative of what owners often express when they find our articles. And understandable, since historically, the W8 was an over-priced sales dud for VW, which can’t be denied. But that misses the more important point: If we didn’t love the cars we shoot and write up, why would we bother to spend the time and energy to do so?

It’s the love of seeing old cars still on the street, and the chance it gives us to re-hash history. It’s not the/your actual car we’re hating on (if that’s what we’re doing), it’s the decisions that made that car happen. And those are two very different things, although it seems it’s often hard for owners or lovers of cars to distinguish between. Human nature; and understandable.

But CC isn’t Car Domain or a fanboi forum; we’re here to dig up the whole story on every car, and how it came to be. But ten or fifty years on, that’s just what it is: old history. And the present reality of owning and caring for any car, regardless of its provenance, is a matter of the heart. You are what make CC possible; if it weren’t for your passion and dedication to keeping even the deadliest of sins running, we’d have nothing to shoot and wax eloquently about (or tear apart).

So keep loving those Deadly Sins and very other ugly, unreliable and otherwise failed car out there. And we’ll keep saluting you, even if it’s not in exactly with the words you’d most like to hear. But behind all the words is the love, and even jealousy. I’m lovin’ on that Seville just now…