Cohort Outtake: A Study (Or Two) In Contrasts

Contrasts 2

CC Cohort Gene Herman found a couple of pairings of this blue Citroen 2CV at the Lime Rock Vintage Festival a few years back that he posted. The first one is with this exquisite big Packard, from the late 20s, I’m guessing. The 2CV was the antithesis of the Packard in just about every conceivable way, except for having four wheels. Well, except that its ride was probably at least as good. 

Contrats 1

I started to say that this pairing is a bit closer chronologically, but then remembered that the project that led to the Toute Petite Voiture – “Very Small Car” project that led to the 2CV was started in the mid-late 30s, so not that long after that Packard was built. Either way, the contrast is about equally…stark.


My detailed CC on the 2CV is here