Cohort Outtake: A Sunny Day In Helsinki – Should These Cars Come With A Dress Code?

Contintal Helsinki conv 1200

LDeren’s previous Helsinki street-side shot was at night; this one is in the sunshine, and what better way to celebrate it than in a ’63 Lincoln Continental convertible? Just one minor nit to pick…

Continental 1964 conv05

I must have spent too much time looking at old Continental convertibles when I was writing my ’65 Conti CC, and now when I see a bunch of contemporary big guys in tee shirts with arms spilling out of it instead of a well-dressed and elegant couple nicely ensconsed, it’s a bit jarring.

Continental 1963 conv int

Maybe folks who own these should be required to dress up in the style that these cars were designed for?

Continental 1963 conv black

Suit, tie and leather shoes required to operate this car with top down.  And an elegantly dressed woman to match.

Continental 1961 conv int-07

Like this one. Dream on….

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