Cohort Outtake: AMC Fastbacks, Big and Small

AMC AMX rq-horz

canadiancatgreen caught a couple of AMC fastbacks in Port Coquitlam, B.C. They make a nice combo, showing off the evolution of AMC’s recurring fastback fascination, which resulted in some stinker as well as winners.

That all started with the rather unfortunate 1965-1966 Marlin, which really didn’t wear its grafted on fastback very well at all, to put it mildly. The 1967 Marlin, like the one here on the right, was a bit sleeker but failed even worse in the marketplace, with only 2545 sold. But things took a decided turn for the better with the Javelin and its even fastback-er offshoot, the AMX. What a difference just a year makes, as the AMX arrived in 1968 (this one appears to be a 1970). Of course, there were more to come, again some better (Hornet) than others (Matador). Dick Teague just couldn’t stop trying to find the right fastback formula. The results may be uneven, but highly memorable.


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